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When I started working with Alex I had just hit the million dollar mark and was trying to grow my team. Since starting to work with him, my revenue has doubled and my team has more than doubled. I’ve put systems and structure into my business that have allowed me to grow at a rapid speed without sacrificing my health and happiness.
— Emily Hirsh, Founder of Hirsh Marketing

We’ve had the full Charfen Cadence running now for 2 months. Hiring and scaling is so much easier. We have brought on 2 new key team members, launched a new course, done 50 real estate deals and have a run rate of $3M+. It’s amazing how fast the Charfen Cadence has allowed us to run.
— Bradd Gibb, Atlas Wealth Solutions
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We doubled our revenue in 3 months and are continuing to steadily increase and hit huge milestones month by month. When we implemented the Charfen Cadence, we hit our 90 day target in 3 weeks!! I used to have a business that ran my life, now I have a business that fuels my lifestyle! His content isn’t just about business, it’s also about your well being and relationships, so you can become the person you need to be in order to run the business you’ve dreamed of. I love my team, my team loves what they get to do each day, and it’s not by accident.
— Marley Baird, Founder of Marley Baird Media

We went from a team of 2 to a team of 7 within a few months of implementing Charfen’s systems, and went from averaging $100k/month to $200k/month. Oh and I took a real vacation for the first time in 3 years.
— Mariah Coz, Founder of
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After building a 30 person brick and mortar business over the last 8 years we had been settled and stagnant ... we had no clear direction on where we were going or how to get there. We started working with Alex Charfen’s team three months ago and now have more clarity in our future than we ever have, more acceptance by the team as a whole, and moved from a $4.2 million run rate to $5 million! More importantly, we are achieving such success only from putting in structure, process and leaning on the team to grow. It has been personally and professionally life changing.
— Dwight Peccora, dentist office owner