we live in one of two different states… either building momentum or wasting precious energy and resources.

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Let me ask you...

Do you ever feel like you’re white knuckling, like you built your business on sheer willpower and grit, and now you’re hitting a glass ceiling - like your business and life isn’t move forward as fast as you want it to?

You’ve had to fire more hires than you’d like to admit, you and your team seem to constantly overestimate how much you can get done in a month, and your “systems and processes” are nonexistent, or definitely not in a place to support your growth to $1m, $10M and beyond...

Secretly, you wonder… “Is there just something wrong with me?”

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is putting our energy and focus into what we know is going to work for us to get to the next level in what I call “The Billionaire Code.”

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The Billionaire Code represents the 9 stages every entrepreneur and company will move through on the path to success.

I created this framework after building a $250M company myself, as well as a few other 8-figure businesses, and working with hundreds of billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses like you in my coaching programs.

When you understand the levels of the Billionaire Code, you can put your time and energy into what you know will create the momentum you need to grow and scale to the next level.

In order to know where you are going and what to focus on to get there, you have to know where you are.


In The Billionaire Code Accelerator program, we work with our clients to get them to the next stage of the Billionaire Code faster than they thought possible.

With our training, systems, tools and support, our clients are able to quickly double, even triple, their companies, without the growing pains, costly mistakes, or wasted time and efforts to get there.

(And if you’re company is already on that hockey-stick path and you feel like you don’t know how to handle all the growth, our systems and processes will help.)

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When I started working with Alex I had just hit the million dollar mark and was trying to grow my team. Since starting to work with him, my revenue has doubled and my team has more than doubled. I’ve put systems and structure into my business that have allowed me to grow at a rapid speed without sacrificing my health and happiness.
— Emily Hirsh, Founder of Hirsh Marketing

We’ve had the full Charfen Cadence running now for 2 months. Hiring and scaling is so much easier. We have brought on 2 new key team members, launched a new course, done 50 real estate deals and have a run rate of $3M+. It’s amazing how fast the Charfen Cadence has allowed us to run.
— Bradd Gibb, Atlas Wealth Solutions
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These tools and systems have been developed through years of working with companies (including in my own!) between $300k and $300M ... and realizing that no one else had created systems or processes that could seamlessly scale through each stage of the Billionaire Code without breaking.

You shouldn’t have to re-think how you run your entire company when you hit your first $1M, or $10M or beyond!

I created systems that wouldn’t break at each new milestone, including:

How to hire for any role at any stage

How to design the team you need for maximum output

How to create full-company documentation

How to communicate with your team

How to effectively plan your year, quarters and months so that you achieve every goal you set on time

How to choose which projects to focus on next for maximum ROI …

all through the lens of “Will this work whether the company is at $300k/year or $300M?”

(And yes, we recently had a few companies in our program go from $3M to $30M in one year using these exact systems.)

When you implement our systems into your business, AS THE OWNER you suddenly experience what we call MOMENTUM and get out of all the pressure and noise you are used to putting up with on a daily basis.  

As a result:

Your company grows faster … revenue and sales skyrocket as a side effect

You have a clear scoreboard for your business metrics

You achieve more, your team accomplishes all of the projects you set out to complete every month

You and your team are on the same page every day, working towards building YOUR vision with enthusiasm and focus

You have FULL confidence in ALL the tasks that your team is doing, all the time, and you don’t worry about them

You can actually take a real vacation!

You hit your annual goals early and everyone FEELS the difference as team - you’re all actually having FUN together!

You actually FEEL like a CEO, not just an overworked employee grinding it out, as you focus on the profitable and enjoyable tasks in your business.

With our simple systems and processes for scaling, we’ve helped our clients Double their revenue in one year, Hit their annual revenue goals in 4 months, HIRE HIGH-ROI EMPLOYEES and double their monthly run rate.

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We doubled our revenue in 3 months and are continuing to steadily increase and hit huge milestones month by month. When we implemented the Charfen Cadence, we hit our 90 day target in 3 weeks!! I used to have a business that ran my life, now I have a business that fuels my lifestyle! His content isn’t just about business, it’s also about your well being and relationships, so you can become the person you need to be in order to run the business you’ve dreamed of. I love my team, my team loves what they get to do each day, and it’s not by accident.
— Marley Baird, Founder of Marley Baird Media

We went from a team of 2 to a team of 7 within a few months of implementing Charfen’s systems, and went from averaging $100k/month to $200k/month. Oh and I took a real vacation for the first time in 3 years.
— Mariah Coz, Founder of
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 Our clients get into momentum and then get insane results using these systems.

Our clients focus on three main areas:


They make strategic, key hires that have huge ROI for their business and relieve the pressure and noise from the owner.


They plan forward using our unique planning system, and know exactly where they are going so they are solving tomorrow’s problems before they happen, not reacting to yesterday’s disaster.


They have a system and process for every single thing in their business - including how and when to communicate as a team and how to perform every function in the company.

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After building a 30 person brick and mortar business over the last 8 years we had been settled and stagnant ... we had no clear direction on where we were going or how to get there. We started working with Alex Charfen’s team three months ago and now have more clarity in our future than we ever have, more acceptance by the team as a whole, and moved from a $4.2 million run rate to $5 million! More importantly, we are achieving such success only from putting in structure, process and leaning on the team to grow. It has been personally and professionally life changing.
— Dwight Peccora, dentist office owner

How to know if you are ready to apply:

Your company needs to be doing $25k/month or more (we have clients in our programs doing $1M, $5M and $10M+, but you need to be doing at least $25k/month to apply)

You are serious about growing and scaling your company - you understand that $1M is a milestone on a bigger journey, not the ultimate goal

You are willing to do the hard work - as your company scales quickly, you will experience new challenges you’ve never encountered before.

You are willing to evolve as a human, on a personal level, and become the next version of yourself that allows your company to grow and thrive (your company won’t grow if you don’t evolve as a person).

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grow and scale your company


About Alex Charfen


Alex has built 8 and 9 figure companies since his 20s, and consulted for the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. He became obsessed with how they achieved so much in their lives. His research led to founding the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) and helping tens of thousands of 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs use this information to grow and scale their business while building maximum sustainable momentum. From consulting for billionaires, the Fortune 500 and some of the most successful people in the world.

 Alex is the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, empowering entrepreneurs to grow and scale businesses and make their greatest contribution. An in-demand thought leader on business strategy and entrepreneurship, he regularly appears in major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Investor’s Business Daily to provide his unique views and insights.

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